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Minimalist kitchens: how to achieve those Nordic finishes

The simplicity of solid colour, white or black in minimalist kitchens with Nordic finishes is the attraction that catches the eye at first glance when we enter these spaces designed with Scandinavian style in mind. Yes: today we are talking about minimalist kitchens. That Nordic touch that we love.  They use materials that lean towards the purity of the natural, such as wood in light colours or painted to give that touch of continuity. They provide that simplicity in the proposed layout and the clarity of the light in the corners of the kitchen that remind us of the Nordic style.  If you are looking for the best products for your customers to achieve this avant-garde design in their kitchens, with the seal of quality and elegance that Emuca offers, you have them. Discover how they can achieve it with these essential details. 

Minimalist kitchens with Nordic finishes: a proposal to fall in love with 

The details that make the difference between a Nordic style space with respect to any other style have to do with obtaining warmth and simplicity in the area. These are what define minimalist kitchens.  This can be achieved through lighting, the choice of a white colour palette or solid colours such as black. Also through the use of straight and simple lines, with a clean finish. In addition, industrial elements give it a sophisticated air and the use of noble materials such as wood.  Being a space that tends towards purity and calm, storage becomes vitally important. Thus, keeping clean spaces, free countertops with few contrasting decorative elements, is crucial.  Let’s break down these must-have details for minimalist kitchens with Nordic finishes one by one and advise your clients with the most creative ideas. 
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Durable and noble materials 

We mentioned earlier that to achieve this style, natural materials with simple lines are used. The aim is to work without adornment or decoration other than a discreet handle. In the case of drawers, steel legs for furniture, among others.  The preferred raw materials for this purpose are wood and steel. Similarly, you can propose to use materials such as light-coloured chipboard, grey and black, or leave the wood bare so that it shows its grain.  This type of style is not at odds with the avant-garde and the latest advances in kitchen accessories. For this reason, you will see that materials such as zamak are used, which in addition to being durable and corrosion resistant, is widely used for the manufacture of fittings. 

Storage, drawers and more 

In order to achieve the perfect design in minimalist kitchens with Nordic finishes, it is necessary for your clients to consider everything to do with the storage and release of worktops. The idea is to meet the fluidity and lightness of the atmosphere at the heart of every home is a point of utmost importance.  For this, Emuca has multiple storage options. However, opt for using those drawers that save more space and have a large load capacity, as the first option. Using drawer dividers, which we also manufacture at Emuca, is an alternative to better organise the utensils in these large containers. 

Warm lighting 

Minimalist kitchens with Nordic finishes radiate light and cosiness. These bright spaces can be achieved by playing with natural light as well as artificial lighting. To do this, make your clientele aware of the wide range of state-of-the-art LED lighting.  From LED strips, luminaires and all the necessary elements to carry out the installation safely and effectively. A feature of these installations is that in addition to creating well-lit environments, they guarantee great savings in electricity. 

Industrial details 

The variants of this trend are kept in simple proposals, with a high degree of avant-gardism. This is how industrial details have a place in minimalist kitchens with Nordic finishes.  These are just a few elements that appear on the scene, with steel or metal predominating in legs, more visible handles, metal supports, trays and internal organisers. 

Conclusions on minimalist kitchens 

As you can see, these variables are totally manageable and easy to implement in any kitchen, large or small. In your warehouse inventory you can’t miss these top quality products that Emuca offers to achieve the simple, warm and light-filled appearance that today’s kitchen requires.  Do not hesitate to contact us. We will assist you in acquiring products to achieve the Nordic finish your customers are looking for. 

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